DJ Service Florida

Bring your celebration to Crystal Ballroom on the Lake and create the party with Dj Service Florida. Take your entertainment to the next level with an immersive sound and light show, and live dancers and animators to intensify the energy of your party. We combine technology and innovation to create the modern party experience of your imagination. Bring the live show to your wedding, birthday or corporate event at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake, and blow up your party with the latest effects.

DJ Service Florida is a deejay and entertainment production company with more than 20 years in the industry. We bring our deep Latin roots that stem from Venezuela to the USA city streets to meet with the evolution of modern music. We create a blend and mix of genres to match any party atmosphere and your desired playlist. Our trusted deejays are talented producers that create an immersive light, sound and live show experience with the latest electronics and technology.

We create and customize your celebration from the music and lights to the ultimate show. Experience our dancing robot performer that is suited with LED lights. Your dance floor becomes an interactive robot experience and glow stick madness. Bring a live dance show spectacular to your dance floor with performing Brazilian dancers at the “hora loca” or crazy hour. Choreographed dance productions by DJ Service Florida create a festive party experience. Create your unique party experience with DJ Service Florida and our party animators.

Photo Booth Experience

Provide your guests with an interactive photo booth experience they will never forget. Customize the colors to match your theme, and invite your party inside for a photo booth unlike any other. Your guests will have fun capturing memories with customized filters and photo props. An onsite attendant, backdrop options, and customized banners are all included in the photo booth experience. Photographs are sent directly to your guests’ cell phones to save, share and print. Capture your party with the photo booth experience.

Pyrotechnics and Cold Sparklers

Animate your dance floor party with pyrotechnics and cold sparklers. Bring the fireworks indoors with a safe indoor firework display. We use cold sparklers to light up your party without the risk of burning. Get creative and have a unique cold sparkler experience at your Crystal Ballroom on the Lake event.

We use innovative technology and animation, because we believe it is all about creating your party and unforgettable experiences. We are more than just music. We are your show. Contact DJ Service Florida to create your customized deejay playlist and a personalized party experience.


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