Gabriel Photobook Photography

A photograph speaks a thousand words and tells the stories of the memories we want to last forever. Capture the magic of your fairy tale moment at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake with Gabriel Photobook, and you will have more than just photography. That moment when the cake is cut, when the candles are blown, when the lights fade, and when that one special kiss beneath a glowing light reveals itself for the capturing, a professional photographer can steal it forever and make it immortal.

Gabriel Photobook is a family business with more than 30 years of experience, and passion for the art of capturing moments and making forever memories. Photography is more than just lenses and lighting. The quality of your image depends on the skill and technique of the photographer behind the camera. Ready, set, action, and time gives us just one shot to make a perfect production. Make your next Crystal Ballroom on the Lake production nothing less than absolutely perfect with Gabriel Photobook photography.

Gabriel Photobook possesses expertise that extends beyond the camera to coordinate, capture and deliver memorable moments through cinematography, 4k pro video, and drone photography and video. Professional photography behind the scenes makes your center stage moment a forever memory.

Cinematography with Gabriel Photobook Photography

Tell your Crystal Ballroom on the Lake fairy tale with visual storytelling through Cinematography. Gabriel Photobook specializes in the art of cinematography and all the on-screen visual elements, lenses, lighting, focus and zoom in a motion picture production to bring your story to life.

4k Pro Video Photography with Gabriel Photobook

Gabriel Photobook uses 4k pro video for sharper images with high resolution to capture the moments in a medium so visually realistic and immersive that the moment is recreated each time you view it. Experience the ultimate keepsake from your Crystal Ballroom on the Lake celebration with 4k pro videography by Gabriel Photobook.

Drone Photography with Gabriel Photobook

Gabriel Photobook utilizes drone photography and video to capture aerial images and otherwise unreachable angles to steal those awe-inspiring moments and seize them forever in a dramatic video. Fly overhead and experience the space with captivating drone photography like never before.

Immortalize Precious Moments

Gabriel Photobook is more than photography. We Immortalize your precious moment with acrylic or metallic cover albums. We conduct pre-event photography and customize poster-sized display photographs at the entrance for your grand event. We create a unique guest book with your image to make lasting impressions. Personalize the creation of your invitations and thank you cards with a little extra touch of your special photographs and the expertise of Gabriel Photobook.

We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.