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Pearson’s Catering Creates Perfect Moments

Wedding Catering
Pearson's Catering

Pearson’s Catering customizes your food experience to create the perfect memories and all the emotions attached to your incredible dining adventure. An explosion of flavor is infused into a masterpiece that is crafted to perfection by one of the finest teams of culinary artists in the world. Bring your sophisticated palate to the table, and let Pearson's Catering deliver an extraordinary catering experience to your elegant celebration. Your most momentous occasion is deserving of the artistry, discipline and passion of the culinary team at Pearson’s Catering.

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Wedding Catering

Exquisite Catering Services

The passion for service and culinary arts delivers distinguished services to every unforgettable moment. Your catering experience extends beyond the cuisine. Pearson’s Catering provides drop-off services and a wide range of full-service catering with a uniquely crafted food experience that delivers customization, sophistication and quality to every moment. Customize a carving station with in-house smoked meats, turkey, brisket and Pearson’s signature barbecue sauce. Impress your guests with special beverage stations and a complete bar package. Pearson's Catering makes every moment flawless with extraordinary services.

Wedding Catering

Customize Your Catering Experience

Indulge in the fine taste of culinary perfection with a table of cuisine exquisitely designed by Pearson’s Catering. Gather at the table with the executive chef and your family to create something unique and unforgettable. Pearson’s Catering revolves around family, the Pearson kitchen family and yours. Explore the taste of Pearson’s signature sandwich and special recipe for cookies, which were crafted with love by the owner’s father, or bring your dad’s favorite recipe to a catering consultation to make your moments special. Create a dining experience as unique as your imagination. Step aside from cookie cutter catering and deliver something extraordinary to your special celebration with a customized menu.

Meet the Chef

Meet executive chef, founder and owner of Pearson’s Catering, Kim Pearson. After graduating with honors from a rigorous culinary arts program at Johnson & Wales University, which is ranked among the top five in the nation, Kim began her career at a five star hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. Kim was among the first few females in the industry, breaking social trends and changing the status quo. And the timing could not have been more perfect for the industry and Pearson’s Catering. Pearson’s Catering is proudly a woman-led business. From humble beginnings to award-winning commercial kitchen, fate led the way with love and passion steering the ship.

Event Catering

Planning Your Dining Experience

Planning your dining experience begins with a catering consultation and tasting. Speak directly with the chef and plan your private tasting. You will choose your sample of entrees, sides, appetizers, and the unique services you wish to deliver to your magical moments. Choose from drop-off service or full-service catering and build your banquet team, stations and bar packages. Plan your catering experience and all the delicious details with the best, and deliver the finest on your special day.

Wedding Catering

Quality and Satisfaction

The executive chef guarantees the quality of every dish and makes a special connection with the food that will be part of your forever memories. The quality and freshness of every ingredient is carefully measured and evaluated as every fine dish, bread and dessert are all made by hand, receiving a personal touch and special investment from the chef. Integrity, creativity and passion are at the heart of Pearson’s Catering. Look for the positive, stay in the moment and celebrate it like it is meant to be celebrated. Making your day the perfect celebration is the greatest reward of all. Your satisfaction is Pearson’s.

“Made with love from scratch” -Kim Pearson
Wedding and Event Catering

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