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Tips for Your Wedding Flowers

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Since the beginning of weddings, wedding flowers have been integral to creating a beautiful and romantic setting for the ceremony and celebration. They have been associated with meanings and feelings that are evoked by the language of love that is found in their color and scent. There is an almost endless variety of blooms to choose from with a price tag to match their beauty. Creating the dream within the constraints of a budget can be a slight challenge. Since your wedding flowers are so important on your magical day, we have some tips to help you with planning.

Before Ordering Wedding Flowers

Before ordering your wedding flowers, you will need to consider a few things. Think about how you want to use your flowers. Are you wanting accents in the ceremony space with a focal point at your wedding arch? Are you wanting to bring in larger floral arrangements for a more dramatic ceremony? You will need to consider the size of your venue and how you want to use the flowers.

The number of wedding flowers needed at your wedding will depend solely on the way you envision your magical day. You will probably want a decorated ceremony space and centerpieces with flowers on your tables. It is possible to bring flowers from the ceremony space to reuse in the reception hall, but the cocktail hour might be your only break of time between events. You will need to be realistic about the amount of time available to transport and design during a small transition. Consider the number of flowers needed for your ceremony space and the reception hall.

Whether you are the couple creating the garden ceremony indoors or you are only wanting a few accents, there are other flowers to consider. You should expect to purchase flowers for the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets. The groom and groomsmen will probably have boutonnieres. The parents of the bride and groom will have corsages and boutonnieres. If you are having flower girls, there will be more flowers to purchase. Some couples choose to have rose petals on their aisle, arrangements at the altar, and table centerpieces. The cake table and gift table are commonly decorated with flowers. There are no rules to your flowers, other than those you create. Your flowers will be determined by your preferences, budget and your wedding venue.

Wedding Flowers at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Choosing Blooms

Once you have an idea about quantity, you will need to think about the type of blooms you want to fill your space. Every flower has a different color and scent that will alter the mood within the space. You should consider your wedding colors and overall theme when choosing your wedding flowers. There are no real rules about season; however, it can be more expensive and challenging to obtain blooms that are out of season. If you are attempting to create a spring garden wedding indoors in the winter or a winter wonderland in the middle of August, it is completely possible. Just consider that your blooms will cost less and appear more lively, if they are picked in their season. A good florist will be able to assist you with obtaining flowers that are forced to bloom out of season and can give you the best recommendations.

Winter Wedding Flowers

We commonly envision the winter as being white with few other colors. Contrary to this belief, there are several varieties of winter wedding flowers. Many couples feel like their choices with color in the winter would be limited; therefore, they choose a wedding in another season. This is not the case at all. Garden roses, peonies and anemones are romantic blooms that add an abundance of color to winter weddings. The winter also gives us the elegance of orchids, champagne roses, magenta tulips and some hyacinths.

Spring and Summer

If you are looking for an extremely bright and colorful wedding, spring and summer are the perfect seasons for you. These seasons are known for colorful blooms. You will find an abundance of lilacs, sweet peas and ranunculus. Early summer gifts us with beautiful hydrangeas that create a dramatic effect when dangling from a wedding arch. Freesia, peonies, dahlias, daisies, carnations and roses are plentiful during the summer months. If you want to create a garden wedding, indoors or out, the spring provides the best opportunity. Depending on location, the summer can be a challenge for some delicate blooms at outdoor weddings. If you are working with delicate blooms in direct sunlight and heat, you might consider incorporating artificial florals into your designs.

Wedding Flowers

Autumn Weddings

Fall is the season of change. While this season offers a color palette of oranges and browns, there is no need to get stuck on the color wheel. There are an abundance of unique colors that are produced during this cycle of change. Imagine the deep burgundy of dahlias and the sophistication of anemones with their delicate white petals and dramatic black centers. For those that want the yellows, there are marigolds and sunflowers. You can very easily bring in reds and browns with seasonal berries and acorns for accents. You might drape your centerpieces with fall leaves and vines, while contrasting burgundy with gold tones.

Pricing Wedding Flowers

On average, couples spend between $800 and $1,500 on their wedding flowers. While this is the average, some couples are spending much more to bring their dream to life. How much you spend on your flowers will have everything to do with your budget, the types of arrangements you envision and how many arrangements you require to bring your vision to reality. Florists can offer packages with a fixed price that might not always be of the best value for your unique needs. Some florists are able to customize packages to give you exactly what you want, and nothing more. Sometimes a more expensive flower that provides larger coverage can save you with the need to buy fewer flowers to create the look. Using artificial flowers with live flowers can stretch the budget when needed. Keep in mind that daisies and dahlias are usually less expensive. Roses, tulips, lilies, and hydrangeas are in the mid-range. Peonies and orchids are usually among the most expensive flowers. It is important to note that a few expensive wedding flowers can sometimes produce better results than a dozen cheap ones.

Wedding Flowers

Sharing Your Vision with a Designer

A vision exists in your imagination, but to make it a reality, it cannot stay there. You need to convey that mental image to your florist or wedding designer to bring it to life. The best way to share your vision is by sharing the pictures that inspired your ideas. Create a collage of pictures that can provide examples of the aesthetic you want to create with your wedding flowers. Keep in mind that creating an exact replica is possible with images, but the budget can sometimes limit expectations. The cost of recreating the design in the photograph might change your vision. A photograph is limited to sight, but the reality will encompass other senses, like smell. Aromatic flowers are absolutely perfect for your altar, but you might want to avoid strong scents at the dining table. Different smells can affect our perception of taste. Your wedding designer can assist you with choosing the best flowers for your ceremony space and the reception tables.

Wedding Flowers at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake has professional wedding designers to bring your vision to reality. Every couple planning their wedding with Crystal Ballroom has the opportunity to meet with the designers inside of the design studio. This is where all the magic happens. Bring your vision for colors, theme and wedding flowers to the master designers at Crystal Ballroom to create the romantic ceremony and reception of your dreams. Crystal Ballroom weddings include all of the furnishings, designs, services, and quality artificial floral arrangements to save you thousands on designing your wedding day. If you desire live flowers at your venue, bring your florist to the design table or meet with the preferred florists at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake. We work together to build your wedding team and to create your fairy tale.


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