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Affordable Wedding Venues

Affordable Wedding Venues

Congratulations on your engagement! You are just beginning the exciting journey of wedding planning. Like most couples, you are probably searching for an enchanting space that fits within the budget. While the budget controls most things, it should not control the wedding of your dreams. These tips should help you find affordable wedding venues to create your fairy tale.

Choose the Right Location

The location is important. Wedding venues provide enchanting spaces, but make sure it is located where it matters. The location should be significant and meaningful to you and your partner. Consider the setting and surrounding landscape features, such as a lake or outdoor ceremony space. If you will have guests from out of town, consider the distance to an airport and surrounding hotels.

Affordable Wedding Venues

Avoid this Mistake

Begin your wedding planning journey by calculating the size of your event. The venue must be able to please your budget and accommodate the size of your wedding. Some couples try to reduce the size of their wedding to hold their event in the cheaper venue or to reduce the cost of catering. There are affordable wedding venues that can help you avoid making this mistake.

Affordable Wedding Venues without the Sacrifice

Affordable wedding venues do not mean sacrifice. One of the most common wedding planning mistakes is to rent the venue, décor and services separately. Hosting your magical moments at an all-inclusive wedding venue can save you thousands of dollars on your wedding day. The everything included concept provides a picturesque venue, furnishings, designs, décor, chinaware, an in-house design team, wedding planners, banquet staff, bartender, and an upfront cost for almost the entire wedding. The package concept saves more money in your budget for the perfect wedding dress and for building an extraordinary team of wedding vendors.

Affordable Wedding Venues

Services at Your Wedding Venue

Search for affordable wedding venues that can deliver the entire package. Your wedding team will be essential to creating your dream wedding. Choose a wedding venue that can help you build your entire wedding team in one place. This can save you time and money throughout the wedding planning process. The collaboration between vendors and an all-inclusive wedding venue makes creating the wedding of your dreams effortless.

Affordable Wedding Venues

One of the Most Affordable Wedding Venues

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake is one of the most affordable wedding venues in Florida. This elegant venue overlooks the lake and creates a romantic space for an indoor or outdoor ceremony. The all-inclusive packages provide a luxurious venue and affordable designs. Meet with a wedding planning team during a VIP tour inside of the venue. Step inside of the design studio and meet with the master designers. Hand select the flowers, décor, tables, linens, chair sashes, chinaware and elegant centerpieces for your magical day. Choose from oversized candelabras and lanterns. Build a unique wedding package with affordable upgrades that will make your wedding completely unforgettable. Walk the aisle in one of Florida’s most affordable wedding venues, and create the wedding of your dreams.


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