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Creating Your Wedding Palette

Wedding Palette

Your wedding colors are one of the most important decisions you will make about your wedding day. Some couples already have their magical trio in mind. Others require a little inspiration and direction to create the perfect wedding palette. Let’s explore the color wheel and some ideas for creating your wedding palette.

The Illusion of Color

Color is an illusion that can be experienced differently by everyone. Certain colors can be stimulating or calming, and can vary based upon whether they are considered warm or cool. Warm colors are brighter, like reds and oranges, and can be stimulating. Be careful with colors that can feel overwhelming. Cool colors are calming, such as blue and green. These are the most relaxing colors. There are a couple tricks to choosing your favorite colors.

A Triadic Color Wedding Palette

The safest way to pick your wedding colors is with a triadic color wedding palette. This means you will choose three wedding colors, a primary color and two complimentary colors that are connected by the points created with the shape of a triangle on the color wheel. Each point rests upon a color that is equidistant to the other, forming the shape of a triangle. This type of color combination creates a sense of harmony.

Wedding Palette

Wedding Palette for Your Theme

Having a wedding theme can be one of the easiest ways to choose your wedding colors. Themed weddings come with a full color palette and cookie cutter ideas. If you imagine a wedding inspired by the Cinderella theme, you will easily build your palette from blue. Beauty and the Beast colors are cobalt blue, red and yellow or gold. Wedding colors for a Great Gatsby theme will include black and silver. If you want an easy wedding palette that takes all the stress out of choosing, choose a wedding theme.

Wedding Palette

Base Color

Your wedding palette begins with a base color. This will be your dominant color that every accent color must complement. You can pick any color on the color wheel for your base color. Keep in mind that some colors can be irritating in large doses. Once you have chosen your base color, you can begin creating your palette.

Wedding Palette

Opposite and Neighboring Colors

You will usually choose three wedding colors by using your base color to find colors that either compliment or contrast your chosen base. The rules of matching wedding colors say that opposites pair and neighbors share. Opposite colors place cool and warm colors together that match well, like orange and blue. Neighboring colors share a primary color, like purple and green with their common blue. Bold color combinations that are safe wedding colors are black, silver and white or navy blue and gold. Kings robe purple, lavender and hues of color can also be paired.

Wedding Palette

Seasonal Wedding Palette

Your wedding palette can be inspired by the season. Like a wedding theme, this is another easy way to choose wedding colors. Fall colors are usually deep and rich colors, like burgundy and gold. The spring and summer months add colorful blooms to a venue that bring in lighter pastels, pink, white, blue, red, lavender, purple, yellow, green, peach and coral. Winter colors can look like Christmas or a winter wonderland.

Wedding Palette

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Whether you are searching for a theme or building your wedding palette from a base, find inspiration in all the right places. Flip through magazines, social media posts and visit Crystal Ballroom on the Lake to dream up the perfect wedding palette for your fairy tale. Crystal Ballroom on the Lake is an all-inclusive wedding venue with master designers, planners and a treasure trove of décor to design a wedding from fantasy.


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