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Design a Dream with Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Creating your dream wedding and the look you really want begins with your vision and favorite wedding flowers. Think about your wedding day, the canopy of sheers, the romantic ceremony space in the perfect location and more than a hundred glowing candles to highlight your favorite blooms on elegant tables. However you envision your space, we have the key to creating it. Bring imagination along as we take you behind the scenes of creating your dream wedding with your wedding flowers.

Defining Important Roles

Before we delve into the design, it is important to understand some important roles. A full-service florist can provide your favorite wedding flowers and stage the entire venue with the help of a floral designer to create wedding centerpieces, arrangements at the wedding arch, floral walls, hanging arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres. A floral designer has a studio space for constructing centerpieces, baskets, candles and arbors. An event designer brings your entire vision to life with props, fabrics, linens, centerpieces, floral arrangements, lighting and furnishings. The planner is not the one performing the actual work, but the one that finds the right talent to create your vision on your budget. Each member of this cohesive team will have a hand in your design and wedding flowers.

Where Do We Begin?

You are engaged! Now what? Bringing the dream to life and putting it in motion is far different than imagining the moments; however, the dream is where we begin. Think about your wedding day. Imagine the layout, the space and flow. Envision the tables, the chairs, linens, chinaware and décor. The vision requires that you think about your colors, season, theme, flowers and elements of the ceremony and reception space.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers and Color

Wedding flowers bring color and texture into the space. A wedding usually has a main color with two accent colors that rest on an opposite end of the color wheel. When you pick your triadic color combination, it is time to find the blooms that will bring that color into the space. Your wedding flowers do not need to be restricted to just three colors. Flowers add green accents and different hues of color to compliment your main colors. It is important that the dominating colors and blooms of a bouquet or centerpiece clearly convey the color palette and theme.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers and Style

Find the style you love and go with it. Architectural styles involve sculptural flowers and clear vases. Think orchids and tulips with a contemporary style. The light, bright and clean look is achieved with white and light floral arrangements with green foliage. Sticking to a single type of bloom in a vase can adhere to the minimalist look. Romantic styles involve voluminous arrangements that bring pink and blush colors into the space. Peonies and hydrangeas can easily convey this style. Rustic styles are warmer and earthy. If you want the Tuscan feel, utilize yellows, oranges and deep reds. Fruit, sunflowers, ranunculus, and orchids create the Tuscan vibe.

The Season for Wedding Flowers

Every flower has a season. You will find an overlap with some wedding flowers that bloom in different months. Year-round blooms are anemone, baby’s breath, gardenia, iris, orchids, roses and sweet pea. The spring gives us hydrangeas, jasmine, peonies, sweet pea, tulips, hyacinth, lilac and violet. Summer gifts us with anemone, larkspur, gerbera daisies, sunflowers, garden roses, dahlias, calla lilies and cornflower. Sunflowers, marigolds, dahlias, chrysanthemums, aster, chocolate cosmos, snowberry, winterberry and zinnia are in bloom in the fall. Winter gives us holly, ivy, ranunculus, poinsettia, tulips, viburnum, ornamental berries, mimosa, ivy, heather, freesia, camellia and amaryllis. It is possible to have your favorite blooms out of season for a price. The most affordable way to achieve the look out of season is to use high quality artificial wedding flowers.

Wedding Flowers

Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Roses bloom in a variety of colors, and are the symbol of love and romance, which is probably why they are one of the most desirable wedding flowers. They are hardy and work well with different temperatures. The wide bloom and impact allows you to have fewer flowers in an arrangement. Peonies are lush and romantic flowers that provide full and dramatic blooms. They add a variety of color, including magenta, pink and white. Orchids are bold and textured flowers. They work well outdoors and make beautiful bouquets. Orchids have so many varieties to choose from, but cymbidium and phalaenopsis are attractive wedding flowers. Hydrangeas bloom in large round clusters of blue, burgundy pink and a variety of hues. They create a romantic country garden look that makes them popular for outdoors weddings. It is important to note that hydrangeas are delicate blooms and not the best choice during hot weather. Calla lilies have long stems and a unique shape. If you want a sleek and modern look, calla lilies can provide the effect.

Wedding Flowers in the Ceremony Space

Wedding flowers create romantic ceremony spaces. Arches, arbors, canopies and chuppahs can be lavishly decorated with wedding flowers to provide color and texture. The aisle can be enhanced with lanterns, vases and your favorite blooms. Flowers and foliage can hang or sit atop columns to create dramatic spaces. Nothing is more romantic than rose petals decorated on the aisle.

Wedding Flowers

Designing the Reception

Think about the shape of your tables, and choose an arrangement of wedding flowers that fit the space. Linear centerpieces work well with long tables. Imagine rectangular baskets of wheat grass and gerbera daisies. Round wedding reception tables are best suited for clusters and a large centerpiece as a focal point. You might consider alternating the height of centerpieces on different tables to break up the space and add dimension. You should always avoid strongly scented floral arrangements at the tables and avoid blocking the view of guests. The widest part of the arrangement should be over the tallest person’s head or beneath the shortest person’s head.

Wedding Flowers

Crystal Ballroom on Lake

The dream wedding has previously been restricted and barred from the reality of many brides due to the limitations with the wedding budget. Crystal Ballroom on the Lake makes the luxurious wedding of your dreams possible with an all-inclusive concept that includes wedding designers, planners, furnishings, décor and floral designs. The luxurious wedding of your dreams at an elegant upscale venue is now a dream come true. Meet with designers and planners inside of the design studio to design every detail of your magical moments. Create your fairy tale at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake.


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