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Designing Your Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

Finding and designing the dream space for your magical moments takes a little planning. There are so many elements that combine to create the perfect wedding venue. Some couples choose an empty space that requires all of the furnishings and designs to bring the vision into focus, while others bring everything to life with an all-inclusive venue. These ideas will help you design your wedding venue like a pro.

Centerpieces in the Wedding Venue

Wedding centerpieces can be simple or bold. The way you stage your tables and set your centerpieces will define the space. Size is an important factor. The height of the centerpieces should be properly matched with the size of the tables to avoid being overly crowded or awkwardly sparse. If you are working with a larger venue and oversized tables, larger décor has a place in the design. Consider tall candelabras with your favorite flowers on top. Get creative with oversized floral arrangements in the colors you love. Vases also provide an elegant place for your favorite blooms. You might consider filling them with water and floating votive candles. Lanterns can create a rustic vibe, anywhere on the spectrum from farmhouse to French rustic. Formal events demand refined décor and elegant spaces.

Wedding Venue

Shaping the Space

Think about the shape of your tables, and choose an arrangement of centerpieces that fit. Linear centerpieces work well with long tables. Imagine rectangular baskets of wheat grass and gerbera daisies. Round wedding reception tables are best suited for clusters and a large centerpiece as a focal point. You might consider alternating the height of centerpieces on different tables to break up the space and add dimension in the wedding venue. You should always avoid strongly scented floral arrangements at the tables and avoid blocking the view of guests. The widest part of the arrangement should be over the tallest person’s head or beneath the shortest person’s head.

Wedding Venue

Setting the Tables in the Wedding Venue

A formal wedding venue with a sit-down meal requires that you set a table for a full three course meal. You will need to coordinate your charger plates, chinaware, napkins and napkin rings. Your charger plates frame the napkins and create a balance of color with the linens and flatware accents, which makes the design of the table quite impressive. Choose a napkin ring to match the charger plate and theme. You might choose a wooden charger plate with a wooden napkin ring for a rustic wedding or a gold charger plate with a gold napkin ring for a more elegant affair. A standard place setting consists of a charger plate, napkin, dinner fork, salad fork, soup spoon, dinner knife, water goblet, wine glass and champagne flute. While the etiquette for the placement on the table is pretty standard, you can create a dramatic effect with the way you coordinate the pieces.

Wedding Venue

Designing with Napkins

Napkins play a role in designing the wedding venue. Napkins add color and texture to the tables. You can insert a napkin into a goblet and spread it in the shape of a fan. You can add dimension with an elegant triangle fold that pops off the plate. You can tuck a menu into the fold of a napkin or insert a single orchid. Napkin rings are an easy way to convey your theme. Get creative with different styles to achieve the look you want. Napkins have an important function beyond the design; therefore, you should also consider the fabric.

Wedding Venue

Dressing the Tables in the Wedding Venue

The way you dress the tables in the wedding venue will have the most impact on the vibe of the room. A rustic theme might call for the exposure of a wooden table. Formal affairs require the visual impact of an elegant runner or a full-length tablecloth. You might consider an overlay or runner to compliment your tablecloths. Think about the fabric and texture. Fabric is associated with season. Velvet, brocade, dark satin and damask are reserved for fall and winter. The light and airy organza look works best with warmer seasons. Cotton, linen and silk work during any season.

Wedding Venue

The Sweetheart Table

Traditionally, the bride and groom sit with their parents and the bridal party at a head table. Many couples choose to sit alone at their own romantic sweetheart table. Sitting alone at a sweetheart table eliminates all the confusion about tradition and creates a separate space for the bride and groom. The sweetheart table should be decorated a little differently than the other tables in the wedding venue. It should be elaborately designed for distinction, while avoiding tall centerpieces and oversized floral arrangements that would block the view of the bride and groom.

Wedding Venue

Designing the Ceremony Space

The ceremony space is one of the most important spaces in the wedding venue. You should have a well defined aisle with chairs and décor. Depending on your theme and the atmosphere you want to achieve, you could line your aisle with lanterns, vases with floating candles or oversized candelabras. Chair sashes are the best way to dress up the seating and get creative with your designs. Everything from color and fabric to the way you tie the fabric to the chair will make the difference in the look. The wedding arch and the backdrop are important for the theme and the wedding photography. Rose petals on the aisle add the perfect touch of romance.

Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

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