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Choosing Engagement Rings

Between expectation and budget, we search for the perfect engagement rings. It is important to remember that engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment, and not a mere reflection of what is in our wallet. Choosing engagement rings that meet imagination and budget is a task that requires careful consideration and the help of a few rules.

Common Sense Shopping

Engagement rings have a few rules, some created by tradition and some by common sense. Let’s examine the common sense rules before shopping for engagement rings. We should never go insanely in debt to purchase the perfect ring. Even when impulse drives us to it, always employ logic over emotion. Using store credit or a credit card is acceptable to a limit. Engagement rings tend to be an emotionally driven purchase, but always keep that emotion in check with common sense spending.

The Rule of Income

You have probably heard the old income rule for engagement rings that says they should cost twice the salary. That old rule of multiplicity is a faded trend that fails to calculate a budget realistically. Modern budgets are unique with unique obligations. Imagine a $4,000 a month income and trying to save for an $8,000 ring in this economy. The cost of living on this budget would make saving for an expensive ring difficult. Instead, spend a comfortable amount on a ring that demonstrates an effort to save and a sacrifice to purchase. Avoid a large amount of debt that will hurt you later. The income rule for engagement rings has been replaced with a common sense budget rule. Let your budget determine your spending.

The Color of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are as unique as the bride, and should be uniquely matched to the bride. Trends might have previously established a round cut diamond that is near colorless. However, some brides dream up a birthstone or a black diamond. When it comes to engagement rings, know the desires of the one that will wear it forever.

The color of the stones in engagement rings must also match the bands. Platinum, silver and white gold bands will demand a near colorless diamond to avoid a dull looking stone. However, aquamarine, rubies and emerald stones are intensified by the contrast provided by platinum, silver and white gold engagement rings. Matching the stone to the band and the ring to the personality of the one that will wear it are of equal importance.

The Cut of Engagement Rings

The cut of diamonds in engagement rings are one of the most important characteristics to consider. The round cut has exceptional brilliance and fire. Princess cut engagement rings have a symmetrical square shape, and provide elegance, brilliance and sparkle. Emerald cut engagement rings are sophisticated and elegant. They are more transparent than a round diamond, but provide less sparkle or fire. The marquise cut has a distinctive shape that provides the illusion of long and slender fingers. Heart shaped diamonds are for those die hard romantics. A cushion cut requires larger facets for the bling, and makes the perfect vintage inspired look. The rule of cut for engagement rings is to know what they want.

Follow your heart and a few rules to find the perfect engagement ring. Crystal Ballroom on the Lake can help you with the rest. Contact the designers at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake to plan your fairy tale wedding.


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