Mermaid and Trumpet Wedding Dresses

When discussing the silhouettes of wedding dresses, such as ball gown or A-line, the mental image is clear, mostly because the popular wedding dresses have distinctive characteristics. When someone discusses mermaid wedding dresses and trumpet wedding dresses, our mental picture is obscure. The silhouettes of the two wedding dresses are so closely similar that it can be a little tricky to differentiate between them. However, knowing the difference in these two closely related wedding dresses makes choosing the wedding dress of your dreams easier.

Mermaid Wedding Dresses
Jayne Mansfield: (Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images) Escobar, Sam. “Unique Celebrity Wedding Dresses, From Celine Dion to Bianca Jagger.” Good Housekeeping, Good Housekeeping, 15 Nov. 2019,

Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Mermaid wedding dresses are classically characterized by a curve-hugging fitted style that wraps the bride to the knees or just below, before creating a dramatic flare into a tail. This dramatic tail creates the elegance in the look. Some are created with ruffles and layers, while others have lace or beads. A mermaid dress is that Jayne Mansfield celebrity mermaid dress that spun heads during her 1958 wedding.

Mermaid wedding dresses flare at or just beneath the knee, which can make it slightly challenging to move and dance. A trumpet dress provides for more movement at the knees, because the flare is higher. Brides that wear a mermaid wedding dress often choose to wear a different dress at the reception. Each bride is unique; therefore, trying on both wedding dresses and practicing different movements is the only way to decide which dress provides the perfect balance of mobility and elegance.

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Trumpet Wedding Dresses

Trumpet wedding dresses fit slightly different than the mermaid dress. That slight difference is noticed in the way it hugs the body, and where the flare begins. The trumpet embraces every curve and dip on the body at just the right place, but slightly looser than the mermaid. The flare begins at mid-thigh, not only making movement a little easier, but also creating a slightly different visual illusion.

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The Train of Mermaid and Trumpet Wedding Dresses

The train can be as dramatic or as simple as we want to take these elegant wedding dresses. If you want a mermaid gown with a cathedral train, there are no limits with these wedding dresses.

Choosing your Wedding Dress

All that is left to do is decide on which wedding dress is right for you. There are a few things to consider when picking wedding dresses. It is important to wear a dress that is comfortable and allows the bride to move freely. It is also important to wear a dress that is appropriate for the body type. The most important consideration is how the dress makes the bride feel.

Mermaid and trumpet wedding dresses are known to hug each and every curve, accentuating them all. This form-fitted silhouette isn’t the same fit for everyone. This dress provides an optical illusion that focuses on the hourglass shape of the bride. If the bride has a boxy shape, she might consider adding a wide cumber bun style belt to create a break at the midsection or choosing a ballgown or A-line dress instead. While it looks best with slender hourglass shapes, the beauty of every bride can pull off any silhouette. If it makes the bride feel that feeling when she absolutely knows it’s the perfect dress, it is probably the one.

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