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Planning a Bachelorette Party

Not every bachelorette party is the same, as it definitely should not be. Each bride is unique and has a different personality and different set of values to uphold when it comes to throwing a party right before saying “I do.” The person throwing the party is charged with the duty of knowing these little details about the bride to coordinate the perfect bachelorette party somewhere between wholesome fun and debauchery. This guide to planning a bachelorette party will help you find the balance and create an unforgettable experience.

Who Hosts a Bachelorette Party

Since it is so important to get the details right, the bride’s best friend or close family member usually puts a bachelorette party together. Not just anyone should be allowed to plan a bachelorette party for some obvious and not so obvious reasons. The person throwing the party should be trustworthy, organized, responsible and know the bride very well. The goal is an unforgettable bestie bash that meets with the bride’s ideals.

A Bachelorette Party Begins with a Conversation

Before you take a step towards planning, a conversation between bride and the planner must occur. The obvious conversation starter is a simple question. What type of party does the bride want to have? This will lead to many other questions. Will alcohol be involved? What type of atmosphere does the bride want? Is a restaurant better than a club? Will bar hopping be appropriate? Is a drunken bar town scavenger hunt off the table? How long will the party last? Do we have all night or two? Plan a destination and timeline of events that the bride approves. Saving a couple surprises for the night is recommended.

One of the most important conversations must be about what is not acceptable. Never assume that an oily police officer stripped to a thong or a phallic-shaped straw are acceptable. Never assume there is a bachelorette party prototype. Every bride is unique and will have her own idea of entertainment. While we all like to assume we know our best friend best, we might not know their current feelings about certain scenarios. Never assume based on past experiences with the bride. The past does not define us today. What the bride did in college might not be acceptable to her right before her wedding. With that in mind, conduct a sincere conversation about what types of events would make the bride uncomfortable.

Bachelorette Party Blueprints

Once the plan has some parameters about what is acceptable and what is not, it is time to put together the bachelorette party blueprints. A bachelorette party occurs one month prior to the wedding. Plan this party in advance, usually about four months in advance. Establish a destination or destinations. Plan every detail of your night out or in. Create a guest list. Block off the calendar. Get support from bridesmaids to create a budget. Send out email invitations, and make sure to request RSVPs. Book hotel arrangements, make reservations for restaurants, salons, spas, reserve your limo or transportation, and do not forget to plan for the details, such as matching attire and the veil for the bride.

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