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Planning Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony will be the main event and the reason for it all. This important moment requires a perfectly choreographed performance. It doesn’t just happen in the moment. The ceremony, design and rituals are all planned to perfection. Explore these tips for planning your wedding ceremony.

Designing the Space

The wedding ceremony space is where you will exchange your vows. The wedding arch and the backdrop will frame the magical moment and every photograph. Think about the season, colors and the blooms you want to use to design your space. Rose petals on the aisle are the perfect touch of romance. You should have a well defined aisle with chairs and décor. Depending on your theme and the atmosphere you want to achieve, you could line your aisle with lanterns, vases filled with floating candles or oversized candelabras. The easiest way to design your wedding ceremony space is to plan with a venue with wedding designers on staff.

Wedding Ceremony

The Officiant for the Wedding Ceremony

The wedding officiant will help you through the process of obtaining your marriage license, planning the ceremony rituals and choosing your vows. They will also sign the license and file it with the court to make it legal. If you choose not to have a legal ceremony, the officiant will still play a very important role in your wedding ceremony. Regardless of whether you choose a legal ceremony or a commitment ceremony, your officiant will be the director of your magical moments.

Practice the Wedding Ceremony

Practice makes perfect. Get all the nerves out of the way and become comfortable going through the motions. Practice turning with the train and handing off the bouquet to the maid of honor. Ceremonial elements, such as jumping the broom and pouring sand for a sand ceremony, should have a practice run too. Create opportunities to work with the officiant. Practicing the ceremony avoids embarrassing mistakes. The rehearsal dinner is probably the last opportunity to gather with the wedding party and have a final practice wedding ceremony.

The Processional

The processional usually forms at the rear of the ceremony site. The order begins with the parents of the groom taking their seat in the front, followed by the entrance of the groom, best man and officiant. The groom and best man usually stand on the right side of the aisle, facing the guests. The best man stands to the groom’s left, slightly behind him. It is a good idea to organize the wedding party according to height, with the shorter individuals in front. The wedding processional forms with the groomsmen, junior groomsmen, junior bridesmaids, bridesmaids, maid of honor, flower girl, ring bearer, bride and her father and train bearers. Properly space the wedding party four to six paces between each individual or pair in the line.

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony Rituals

A handfasting ceremony, unity candle or sand ceremony are ways to make the wedding ceremony unique. During a handfasting ceremony, the officiant wraps a chord three times around the hands of the bride and groom to bind them together. The officiant explains the symbolism and meaning behind the ritual. Then, the couple exchanges vows during the ceremony. During a unity candle ceremony, the bride and groom light a column candle to symbolize uniting as one. A sand ceremony is similar to the unity candle ceremony. The bride and groom pour colored sand into a single vase to symbolize becoming one. If you want to add a special ritual to your wedding ceremony, discuss it with your officiant.

Wedding Ceremony

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