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The Small Weddings Trend

Small Weddings at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Couples are chasing the small weddings trend and choosing to make things smaller in a more intimate space. When planning a wedding requires some careful consideration for the size and social distancing guidelines, make sure your wedding day does not sacrifice the grandeur and elegance in the process. These tips will help create the intimate ceremony of your dreams.

Planning Small Weddings

The first step to planning small weddings requires that you decide what small means to you. Do not confuse this with the size of the experience. Consider the people you want to share your wedding day with. You might consider having parents, immediate family and a few close friends in attendance, while others consider 75 guests to be a small wedding. Once you have an idea about your guest count, start imagining the space for your intimate ceremony.

Designing Small Weddings

Choosing the Wedding Venue

Wedding venues with in-house designers are able to stage your ceremony and reception space to accommodate large and small weddings alike. It is important to tour wedding venues, either in person or by a virtual tour. This will give you design inspiration and help you plan. An all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team can save you thousands in the process of creating the wedding you envision, regardless of the size.

Seating Arrangements

Seating arrangements are always important; however, social distancing guidelines can make this a critical part of planning. Prepare wedding seating charts in a way that groups a single family household at an individual table that is spaced out within the venue. Arrange tables within the venue to space guests six feet from other guests that are not in their family household. The designers at the wedding venue will stage tables and décor to meet this requirement.

The Cost of Small Weddings

Are small weddings affordable weddings? More and more couples are looking for ways to keep costs down, and the answer can be fewer guests in attendance. The headcount means less of everything. However, some couples use a smaller wedding to spend more on a more elaborate event. Regardless of the size of the wedding you are planning, an all-inclusive wedding venue can make a luxury wedding more affordable. Bundling the venue and services into one price can give you more to save or more to spend. All-inclusive wedding venues also have relationships with trusted vendors, which can give you access to professional services at reduced rates.

Small Weddings at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team that designs and creates weddings to meet imagination. Save money creating a more luxurious wedding, regardless of the size. There is no stress over creating an intimate ceremony space, setting tables, tying chair sashes, arranging seating, designing a ballroom, staging décor, setting the fine china or any of the details involved in creating the wedding of your dreams with Crystal Ballroom on the Lake. Meet the masters of the art of creating elegant weddings of every size, including small weddings for a more intimate experience.

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