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The Secret to Rustic Weddings

Rustic Weddings

Rustic weddings are a popular wedding trend. Combining a little nature with elegant details is all it takes to create the earthy and romantic fairy tale. We interviewed some of the finest wedding planners and got the secrets to creating this theme. Let’s explore some ideas for rustic weddings.

Décor for Rustic Weddings

Every theme is brought to life with décor. Rustic weddings will naturally call for earthy elements. Bringing the outdoors into your wedding venue can be a subtle hint or a dramatic woodsy affair. Rustic does not mean country. It is all about natural elements. You can bring in textures with exposed wood, vines, flowers and candles. Table décor and centerpieces are the perfect accents to create a rustic vibe. Flickering candles with melted wax, wood slices for charger plates, oversized floral arrangements with lots of greenery, lanterns and whitewashed wood can make the perfect combination to pull it all off.

Rustic Weddings

Wedding Attire for Rustic Weddings

Wedding attire for rustic weddings can be as simple or as elegant as desired. The atmosphere provides more freedom to pull off the look you want. Whether you imagine boots or sandals, both are acceptable. Forego the tux and jackets, and sport a dress shirt with a vest. Accent your cuffs with wooden cufflinks. Go with a tie or without and wear those suspenders. Tweed fabric gives the look the right amount of texture. Crown the bride with a floral wreath of a circle cut veil. Choose a vintage wedding dress, empire silhouette or a bohemian style. Bridesmaids can wear simple maxi dresses. The men can wear dress trousers and dress shirts to match your colors.

Rustic Weddings

Designing the Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is always central to every theme. How do you make a wedding cake look rustic? Leave out the rolled fondant and decorate with the rough textures of icing. Consider letting the crumble show through with a thinly iced cake that contrasts the color of the icing, such as red velvet or chocolate cake. Chocolate is not just for the groom’s cake. Never be afraid to explore flavors and designs. Decorate with seasonal wild flowers and berries. Place your masterpiece on a log cake platter for the finishing touch.

Rustic Weddings

Keeping it Elegant

Keeping a rustic wedding elegant is not challenging at all. The rough earthy vibe can be combined with fine and elegant touches. It is easily achieved with the design of the wedding venue. You might search for an elegant wedding venue with wooden floors and rustic wooden beams. A wedding venue with an outdoor deck and an incredible view of nature or a body of water can create the rustic wedding vibe in the elegant setting you desire. Wedding venues can incorporate flowers, lanterns, vines and all the earthy elements, while maintaining the elegance your vision requires.

Rustic Weddings

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

If you are searching for elegant venues to create a rustic wedding theme, look no further than Crystal Ballroom on the Lake. This breathtakingly beautiful venue overhangs the edge of nature and beautiful Pearl Lake. Create your love story on a deck on the edge of a gorgeous view and bring imagination into the elegance and beauty of Crystal Ballroom. This ballroom boasts wooden beams, hardwood floors and the lake house vibe that is perfect for rustic weddings. Dream up your magical moments with the professional designers at one of the most elegant wedding venues in Florida. Write your love story with Crystal Ballroom on the Lake and make your dream wedding come true.


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