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Discover These Wedding Day Hacks

Your wedding day should be nothing less than perfect. Planning perfection requires a few tips and tricks. Wedding planners shared a few hacks to make your wedding day flawless and affordable. Keep reading to discover these wedding day hacks.

Wedding Day at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Avoiding Insects on Your Wedding Day

If you are having an outdoor wedding, do not give mosquitos and other insects an invitation to your magical moments. Certain perfumes can also act as an effective insect repellent. Aromaflage and Bombshell by Victoria Secret are perfect examples. You will be dangerously scented with a sexy fragrance.

Walking the Aisle on Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day Shoes

A common fear among brides is that they will make that journey down the runway with all eyes on them to meet disaster with slippery shoes. Whether a rolled heel or a complete wipeout, it can be avoided by creating a rough texture on the bottom of the shoes with a little sandpaper.

Postcards at Your Venue

Wedding Day Place Cards

Having postcards as place cards allows guests to complete their address on their own thank you note. This saves time and money on the thank you cards.

Save Money on Furnishings and Décor

Wedding Day at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Host your wedding at an all-inclusive wedding venue where all of the furnishings and décor are included. All-inclusive venues have in-house designers and the entire event is staged for your wedding day. This saves time and money with wedding planning.

Rent Wedding Attire for Your Wedding Day

Wedding Day at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Bridesmaids and groomsmen can rent wedding attire for your wedding day, which will create more savings. Men's Warehouse and Rent the Runway are popular for this type of service.

Two Wedding Dresses

Do you dream of the voluminous ballgown or the dramatic mermaid dress? Consider wearing one extravagant wedding dress during the ceremony and another formal dress with flexible fabric for dancing at the celebration to follow.

Live Stream Your Wedding Day

Live Stream Your Wedding Day

If you are planning a small wedding to save on the headcount, you might consider a live stream service to broadcast your wedding day live from every perfect angle for all those that could not be there.

The Biggest Wedding Cake Trick

Wedding Cake

If you are planning a smaller wedding, but want the Eiffel Tower, consider using dummy tiers for the upper layers and choose delicious layers for the base to cut and serve. This will create that dramatic effect and save money in the process.

Ceremony and Reception at One Location

Wedding Day at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Choose a venue that can host the ceremony and reception at one location. This will save you time and prevent confusion relocating your guests between venues. It is also more affordable than renting two separate locations.

Needle and Thread

Have your maid of honor keep a small sewing kit with thread to match the wedding attire, just in case.

Wedding Day Timeline

Make sure your hair and makeup artist and other important vendors have your wedding day timeline and follow it. This will make sure you are ready on time for the ceremony and the cocktail hour occurs when it should. Cocktail hour is a special part of your wedding day for wedding photography. Delaying the cocktail hour can reduce the amount of time allocated for posed images. Having a day of event coordinator can help keep things organized on your wedding day.

Drop-Off Catering

Drop-off catering is more affordable than full-service catering. Host your wedding at a venue with food managers and banquet staff that can manage a buffet-style event. This will significantly reduce your catering bill.

Extra Lipstick

Hide an extra lipstick in the napkin at your sweetheart table for touch-ups. It will keep you looking fresh during reception photographs.

Your Wedding Day at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Wedding Day at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake is an elegant venue on Pearl Lake with all the hacks and solutions for your wedding day. The picturesque ballroom is completely designed by the in-house design team for your magical ceremony and reception to take place at one venue. Hold your event outdoors on a screened deck overhanging a lake or inside the ballroom. All of the furnishings, décor and chinaware are included. Plan your wedding day in one place and build your wedding team with extraordinary vendors from the list of preferred vendors. Choose a theme, colors and décor, and Crystal Ballroom on the Lake will create the fairy tale.


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