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Your Wedding Theme

Wedding Theme

Planning the wedding theme is an exciting and unforgettable journey. Whether you are planning the classic wedding theme or something different, you might need a little help with the process. Keep reading. We are sharing tips for planning your wedding theme.

Choosing the Wedding Theme

Sometimes, choosing the wedding theme can be more of a challenge than creating it. When given a large number of possibilities, setting your heart on one theme can be difficult. While the wedding is commonly thought of as the bride’s day, it is important that the bride and groom work together to create a wedding theme that both will agree upon. Brainstorm, narrow down your options to a few, and choose a theme that you absolutely love.

It Is Your Rendition

Avoid creating a wedding just like the fairy tale. Think about your favorite books, movies, significant locations and other common interests, and choose elements to create your unique version of the idea. Wedding themes should be obvious, but not exact. This is a concept, rather than a replication. Never create expectations for a replica.

Wedding Theme

Creating Your Wedding Theme

Think of ways to create the experience with food, music, the cake, décor, wedding favors, entertainment, invitations and place cards. If you and your significant other met on a vacation or had a first date at a special restaurant, you might want to recreate the vacation spot or the restaurant. Your invitations or place cards could be a passport, airline ticket, or a menu. Allow your wedding theme to inspire your wedding day. It should be personal and significant to you. Avoid the cookie-cutter wedding. Think more about creating the concept in a way that has never been done before.

Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is one of the easiest and most creative ways to incorporate the wedding theme. The wedding cake is art. You can add a small hint of the theme with the color scheme and themed topper or get creative with sculpted cake art in the shape of the Eiffel Tower or a bridge. A rustic wedding theme might showcase a semi-naked wedding cake with the earthy elements of a garden. Wild flowers and a log cake plate could be the finishing touches. Gather inspiring images and find the cake designer to bring your vision to life.

Wedding Theme

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Rather than renting furnishings, décor and flowers to create your wedding theme, consider an all-inclusive wedding venue. Crystal Ballroom on the Lake is a luxurious all-inclusive venue with professional wedding designers on staff, exclusive décor, elegant furnishings, and extraordinary services to create your dream wedding. Bring imagination to Crystal Ballroom and let the professional designers create your fairy tale. Contact an event advisor for a complimentary consultation and assistance with creating your wedding theme.


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