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Bachelor Party Ideas with Bride Approval

bachelor party ideas

We know a bachelor party as a stag night that is planned by the groomsmen just before the groom’s big day. However, this party tradition has a slightly different history than most of us imagine. The evolution of bachelor parties has created some controversy and some relationship troubles along the way. Before setting out on an adventure to doom, it is important to have a sincere conversation with the bride to plan a celebration that is appropriate by her standards. With that warning mentioned, here is a little history and some safe bachelor party ideas.

The Origin of a Bachelor Party

The bachelor party idea began in the 19th century of Western culture as a black tie affair that was hosted by the father of the groom to toast to his son and his new bride. That tradition has slightly evolved over time and met some controversy along the way. Bachelor parties now leave the bride out of the scenario and have included some activities that are a root to some relationship troubles, such as enjoying the company of hired female entertainers.

The idea of hiring entertainers in police uniform might be contributed to an 1896 party for the grandson of P.T. Barnum, which became known as the “Awful Seeley Dinner.” The party was dissolved by a police officer that was not a friendly entertainer. The best bachelor party ideas are ones that are bride approved and do not involve the law. Not everyone has the same opinion when it comes to entertainers at parties; therefore, it is important to discuss certain topics with your partner and consider their feelings.

Including the Bride is Usually Safe

If you want to veer away from today’s traditions and go back to the roots, consider bringing the bride and the entire wedding party together to celebrate over dinner and drinks. You could rent out a house or a small banquet hall for a catered dinner party. Involve dancing and games for the bride and the groom.

bachelor party ideas

House Party for the Boys

A tame house party that involves a serious gentleman’s game of cards can create the perfect bachelor party. Grill steaks and bring the alcohol for a day of fun for the boys. Renting a house for the night or a weekend can create an ideal escape and atmosphere to celebrate with the groom.

A Bachelor Party on a Camping Adventure

Camping is known for creating bonding experiences. This opportunity provides time away and around a campfire. Reminisce about college days and past events with this bachelor party idea. Bring your beer and games to a little camping adventure.

Take a Road Trip

Road trips provide adventure, opportunity to bond and memories. Plan an itinerary that takes the bachelor party to several destinations that will bring back old times or create new and unforgettable memories along the way. Scavenger hunts and other games can make road trips fun.

Bachelor Party on a Boat

Take your bachelor party on a boating adventure. Charter a boat and take the party aboard. Fishing charters usually have all of the gear and equipment so all you need to do is show up for the party. You can choose a half day or a full day adventure and visit all the best fishing spots with the boys.

Bar Hopping is Still a Thing

Most bachelor parties involve alcohol and the bar hopping tradition that does not seem to be going out of style anytime soon. You can choose a string of all of your favorite places on a strip or rent a pedal pub that takes your bachelor party on a real adventure. Few experiences will compare to cycling a small bar downtown that makes stops at all the best places to drink in town.

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Bachelor Party in a Ballroom

A bachelor party does not need to follow any modern examples or models. The father of the groom can host a bachelor party celebration at a banquet hall to dine and toast to his son and bride. This type of bachelor party would involve the wedding party and close friends and family, allowing both sides of the wedding party to celebrate together.

The Best Parties Have a Theme

When you are celebrating, choose a venue with a professional design team to incorporate all the details into your perfect moment. An all-inclusive venue includes a meeting with designers to create your theme and coordinate the elements of your table settings with napkins, linens, overlays, runners, chargers and elegant centerpieces. You will be able to select from candelabras, vintage manzanita trees, tall floating candles, lanterns, and floral arrangements that capture the details of your dream event. With an all-inclusive venue, all of those magical details are included.


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