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Tips for Kissing the Bride

Kissing the Bride

If you thought the anticipation of your first kiss was overwhelming with expectations of all the magic it should possess, imagine the long awaited kiss on your wedding day. This is the moment where you embrace in a kiss with your true love on camera, in front of guests and for the world to see your intimate moment made public. While kissing the bride isn’t really governed by rules, there are some guidelines to make the earth move beneath your feet while keeping the moment picture perfect.

Kissing the Bride Takes Practice

Maybe you think you’ve kissed those lips a thousand times -but who can argue with practice when it comes to kissing the bride? And practice is for good reason when it can determine the magic on your wedding day. Natural kisses happen naturally and spontaneously in unplanned moments. They are responses to stimuli that brings you to the perfect moment of a perfect kiss. Kissing the bride on the wedding day is like a quiet on the set moment that doesn’t get any retakes. For this reason, practice is important. Make sure that you discuss your expectations and have a shared vision for the type of kiss you will share on your wedding day.

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

The Position for Kissing the Bride

The wedding day kiss is a romantic moment that should let passion flow through your lips in a publicly acceptable way. As mentioned before, there are not rules for kissing the bride; however, there are strong guidelines to make it perfect. With that in mind, consider how you will hold each other in advance so moving in for the moment isn’t awkward.

Discuss and practice how you will hold hands and where you will grasp each other to pull in for the kiss. Keep your eyes open, staring into the eyes of the other to intensify the moment and to make sure you don't overshoot your runway. Know in advance which direction will tilt your head. Just before you lips touch, close your eyes to feel the moment. Now that you are in position, you only need to know the type of kiss you will share.

Kissing the Bride

A Little Etiquette to Consider

There is more than one way to kiss. While there are certain kisses that are usually reserved for behind closed doors, this kiss does not need to be limited to a mere peck. You and your true love will need to have a discussion about the magic you seek to create on your wedding day. You will need to decide on whether your head will change position and tilt in more than one direction during the kiss. Decide on whether you want the kiss to be short or long. While you will follow each other during the kiss, it might feel awkward for one person to retreat with the other wanting more. Kissing the bride involves two individuals with different feelings about the way the wedding kiss should be. Have a conversation and share those feelings with each other. Then practice to perfection.

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

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