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Crystal Ballroom On The Lake

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Groom’s Suite at Your Wedding Venue

Groom Suite

Accommodations for the groom and his entourage at the wedding venue are equally important as the bridal suite. When the groom is about to take the next big step into what will be one of the most important moments of his entire life, he and his best men require a comfortable space to prepare. A groom’s suite at your wedding venue is essential for the groom before the big moment.

Groom Suite

Accommodations at Your Wedding Venue

Having a groom’s VIP suite on wheels allows the groom to make his grand entrance in perfect time. It provides a spacious and accommodating space outside of your wedding venue for the groom and his best men to ready themselves in luxury. This is the space for important conversation, snacks, drinks, and unforgettable memories. Crystal Ballroom on the Lake will stock your VIP suite on wheels with delectable chocolates and bubbly champagne. Somewhere between luxury and party bus, the groom can prepare for one of the most momentous occasions of his entire life.

Groom Suite

Luxury Wedding Venue

Step inside of your luxury groom's suite on wheels that awaits you at the elegant Crystal Ballroom on the Lake. Relax in comfort with theater-style seating, full kitchen, full bathroom and private master bedroom. Your wedding venue thought of all the details so all you need to do is practice vows and await your magical moment. Bring your wedding party to this luxury party suite, and create unforgettable moments at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake.

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Couples are discovering what makes Crystal Ballroom on the Lake one of the most elegant and affordable wedding venues. Imagine a designer coordinating and creating every element of your theme at the location of your dreams. Crystal Ballroom on the Lake has an all-inclusive concept with decor and staging your event that completely masters the art of creating fairy tales. This picturesque wedding venue is unmatched by any other. This is not just another space, but a complete team of in-house designers that work with couples to plan, design and create the entire wedding theme from ceremony to reception. Create your dream wedding at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake, and experience the Groom’s VIP suite on wheels.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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