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How to Live Stream Your Wedding Day

Live Stream Your Wedding Day

Whether you are planning a small event or considering those that cannot be there, you might be wondering how to live stream your wedding day. You might also wonder how to capture the videography at the same time. Live streaming can capture the magic in the moment, deliver it in real time to all those that could not be there, and create a keepsake at the same time. Keep reading, because we are sharing how to live stream your wedding day.

What is a Live Stream of Your Wedding Day

Live streaming utilizes internet enabled devices for viewing and sharing video in real time. You are probably familiar with social media applications, such as Facebook Live, Instagram Live stories, Twitch TV and House Party, which are intended for amateur use. These examples make many couples wonder why they should pay a professional service, especially when these live stream services are available on social media applications for free. While these social media apps are known as a free live stream application, they are also known to have far less resolution and quality than that of a professional service. A professional live stream service is always recommended for live streaming moments as significant as your wedding day.

Why You Should Live Stream Your Wedding Day

Just in case you are wondering whether you should live stream your wedding day or capture it with videography and share it later, we have a little information to help you decide. A live stream is available in real time for all those special people that could not be present to celebrate with you. Videography can take time to edit, create the final production and share it with others. During that lapse of time, your loved ones feel exclusion. A live stream creates an opportunity for inclusion. It captures the fairy tale in the making with a full-length unedited video that is not just available for live stream in the moment, but is instantly available for viewing and sharing. The ability to connect multiple robotic cameras and overhead jigging produces full coverage in multiple angles for a live feed that can feel immersive. If you have a wedding planning website, you can embed the live stream in the site for viewing in real time. The unedited video can also be downloaded to create a cinematic production with your chosen videographer.

Planning with Vendors

Wedding planning involves a few important vendors, and a live stream of your wedding day involves a very important vendor. Just as you will plan with your photographer and videographer, you should plan with your live stream engineer. You might want to discuss the day of event timeline, and talk about highlight moments. Switching between cameras in time with events to capture them at precise moments is like a well-choreographed dance. Planning will allow your special guests to view the ceremony and reception as if they were in the same room when the moments were made.

It is important that you get to know your talent and ask questions about techniques, sound equipment, camera placement, overhead jigs and viewing applications. Your vision and timeline will create the blueprints for the placement of sound devices and robotic cameras within your wedding venue. Many live stream services will bundle a package to also edit your recorded feed and produce a cinematic production of your wedding day. This can create savings with your videography. Consult with your vendors to determine the possibilities.

Live Stream Your Wedding Day

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

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