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Ideas for Your Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

While you will hopefully trust your magical moments to professional wedding photography, you might want to have a few ideas for capturing your special moments and a little help discovering your style. When photographers think about style, they are commonly referring to the style of the shoot. When brides think about style, they are usually thinking about post production and creative edits. This is to help you understand the different styles of wedding photography and provide a little inspiration.

Wedding Photography Style

Photography is an art and every art form has a style. Wedding photography can be classic with formal images that might seem on purpose and posed. Lifestyle wedding photography captures candid moments in their perfect form. There is some direction that says they are not completely natural; however, they are relaxed images. Dramatic photography works with lighting and effects. It requires the mastery of off-camera flash and the ability to work with light. This should not be confused with post production editing. Documentary style captures a spontaneous moment. It is authentic and candid. A photographer might choose the angle and the background, but let the moment happen without interacting with it. Journalistic style tells a story with the image. Your wedding photography should incorporate different styles to capture different events throughout the day.

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Creative Edits and Post Production

Most brides define style as the end result. This is completely natural, since they are looking through albums and portfolios of post production work when choosing their artist. This actually reflects more of the editing style than photography style. It is important to realize that the style is how your images are captured, and any image can be edited. Editing involves removing blemishes, adjusting saturation and modifying lighting. Having good editing can be important. Find an artist that will be able to use a couple different styles of photography throughout the day, and capture your moments the way you want them to be remembered.

Poses for Wedding Photography

Your wedding photographer will probably have experience to help guide you through posed images when the moment calls for it, but for the sake of preparedness and inspiration, we have a few ideas for wedding poses. One of the most common poses is the chest to chest position. This captures the feeling of intimacy in the image. Back to chest is another popular pose. Side by side, either sitting or walking captures a natural moment. Never just pose. Make sure the moment involves some form of interaction.

Wedding Photography at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Interacting in Your Photos

If you simply pose for the picture, your images will seem posed and empty. The best wedding photography will capture emotion that can only be expressed by interaction. Smile at one another and look at each other. Come alive in the moment. The camera does not create your moment. It only captures it. When you are standing side by side or chest to chest, hold hands, kiss, cuddle and move. The groom can kiss the bride’s forehead, which is a common wedding photograph, but the images come to life when the couple retreats with a laugh or smile that just happens naturally. You will naturally be nervous on your wedding day, and the camera might intensify the feeling. This can create stiffness and unnatural poses. A good wedding photographer will be able to capture the natural moments as they happen, even when they are partially directed and posed.

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

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