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Planning a Same Sex Wedding

Planning a Same Sex Wedding

Congratulations! You said “yes” and it is time to plan the magic into your wedding day. This is not a task to take lightly or road to travel alone. Build your team of vendors early and gain inspiration from all the right places. Get cozy with your partner and brainstorm with these tips to plan an unforgettable same sex wedding.

Share Your Vision for Your Same Sex Wedding

It takes a shared vision to make it the wedding of your dreams. You and your partner will likely have different ideas about your same sex wedding. It is important to share those ideas with each other and find compromise to make it an unforgettable day with equal magic for both of you. When one partner dreams of crystals and elegance, the other might envision a rustic outdoors affair in a butterfly garden. It is important to equally share ideas and equally add those important elements to the occasion. Blend your ideas for colors and theme. Find inspiration for your same sex wedding in magazines, blogs and schedule a tour together of a fully designed wedding venue.

Set a Budget for Your Same Sex Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding day, you will need to set a budget. Smaller does not always mean less. If you want your same sex wedding to be the unforgettable dream wedding and stay within budget, consider an all-inclusive wedding venue. You can save you thousands in the process of creating your dream wedding. It is easy to establish that you want a wedding under $10,000, but deciding how to allocate the funds among different aspects of the wedding, such as wedding attire, venue, cake, catering, photography, entertainment and officiant requires a little itemized budgeting. Using a spreadsheet can keep the process simple.

Planning a Same Sex Wedding

Guest List and Wedding Party

Once you decide on a wedding venue and have an idea about guest count, you can begin creating your amazing list. You might need to alter your list as you go to remain within budget. The guest count rises quickly when planning for the fairy tale. Remain realistic and begin by adding the wedding party, close family, close friends, friends, and close colleagues in that order. Always begin with your inner circle of close relationships and then work outwards. Keep in mind that the guest count must be equally divided between you and your partner.

Choosing your wedding party can be a challenge, if you have a large circle of close friends and relatives. The average wedding party has five on each side; however, you can choose to have as many or as few people in your wedding party as you wish. You should include family and close friends for this special honor. Before asking, apply careful consideration to who you will ask and the role and responsibility you will assign to them.

A Fun Gift Registry for Your Same Sex Wedding

As soon as you have selected the important date, do not forget to create a registry for your beautiful same sex wedding that is just around the corner. Be creative and have fun creating your lists with your partner. Give your guests options. Create more than one registry. Choose gifts within different price ranges. Be careful not to add the same item on different registries to avoid guests purchasing the same gift.

Planning a Same Sex Wedding

Same Sex Wedding Attire

Same sex wedding attire has no rules to cap your creativity. Your wedding attire is an opportunity to infuse your personality and theme into your wedding day. Selecting your attire is one of the most important steps to planning your wedding. Allocate enough time prior to the event to find the perfect attire for your special day. Think about whether you will be matching your partner or creating a unique look. Discuss your attire with your partner and make sure you have a shared vision for your same sex wedding. Some couples choose to implement the rainbow into a bouquet or socks.

Plan Your Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon is part of planning a wedding. Think about a romantic getaway that fits into your wedding budget and pack your bags for paradise. Touring the area surrounding your desired wedding venue is a great start to gaining ideas for a local honeymoon at nearby resorts. If you are traveling abroad, check travel advisories for information.


Your wedding invitations should be unique and carry the theme selected for your wedding day. Make sure you order your invitations about five to six months prior to your wedding. You should send out invitations about two months prior to your wedding day with a RSVP deadline of three weeks prior to the event.

Planning a Same Sex Wedding

Celebrate Your Same Sex Wedding

Once everything is planned, it is time to celebrate your same sex wedding. You and your partner will attend many important functions, such as rehearsal dinner, mock table setting and the bachelorette or bachelor party. Have fun and enjoy the events that celebrate your same sex wedding. If you need assistance planning your dream wedding, contact Crystal Ballroom on the Lake to schedule your VIP tour and begin planning the magic of your wedding day.


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