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Real Talk from Real Brides Planning a Wedding

Real talk from real brides reveals what every couple needs when planning a wedding. Every step from picking a date to choosing a venue should be exciting and stress-free. However, couples struggle to figure out a budget and settle on many decisions along the way. Let’s explore some real challenges in the journey and some easy solutions to make wedding planning the beautiful experience it should be.

"Should I hire a wedding planner?"

This is a huge decision that not every couple can afford to make. There are some important reasons why many couples sit on the fence about wedding planning professionals. We dream of this day for what seems like a lifetime to create one perfect memory that we will cherish forever. There is so much weight on creating the perfect moment, and planning a wedding can be a lot of work without a professional. The journey to planning usually takes about a year. Time is expensive and scarce. Many couples do not have the time to invest in the process of planning. Some couples cannot afford to hire a planner, but most couples cannot afford not to.

"I don’t have time to plan a wedding, but I don’t have the budget for a wedding planner."

Hiring a wedding planner can quickly devour a small wedding budget. Even when there is little time for finding the perfect venue, exploring themes, renting décor, interviewing vendors, attending the cake tasting, meeting with the caterer, reviewing contracts, coordinating events, creating a timeline, and designing the invitations, the cost of hiring someone to put everything together can make the magical event smaller. Couples are seeking all-inclusive wedding venues with in-house wedding planners to effortlessly plan a wedding from fantasy.

"How do I build my team of wedding vendors without a wedding planner? Is the WeddingWire the only way to plan?"

Couples are looking for solutions and finding them at all-inclusive venues with in-house designers that have the ability to put the entire event together on a tight budget. It is important to find a venue that includes the furnishings and décor. Renting tables, chairs and décor separately can cost time and money. When all of the planning can be done at one time and in one place, it eliminates the need for an expensive planner. All-inclusive wedding venues with preferred vendor lists can build a team of trusted vendors all in one place. There is no need to search a never ending directory of vendors and spend a day researching Google reviews and testimonials. A venue that can build your entire wedding team by facilitating connections with professional vendors is gold.

Real Solutions to Planning a Wedding

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake provides real solutions to planning a wedding. The elegant ballroom provides a picturesque space for the ceremony and reception to take place at one venue. Hold your event outdoors on a deck overhanging a lake or inside the ballroom. It is an opportunity to experience your wedding day in luxury on a slightly humble budget. The entire venue, from ceremony to reception, is designed and decorated by the in-house design team. Couples only need to choose a theme, colors and décor, and Crystal Ballroom on the Lake will create the fairy tale.

Crystal Ballroom makes planning a wedding a simple process with a wedding planning concierge service. All of the furnishings, décor, chinaware, bartenders and banquet staff are all included. There is nothing to rent or buy, except for wedding attire, bouquets and vendor services. Choosing wedding vendors from the trusted list of preferred vendors saves time and all the frustration of finding extraordinary talent. Contact Crystal Ballroom on the Lake to begin planning your wedding day.


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