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Summer Wedding Cake Ideas

Summer Wedding Cake Ideas
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Some say a wedding cake design is central to the theme and season of the wedding. Whether that is true or not, your wedding cake is sure to be the focal point of your reception and should definitely be coordinated to match your theme and season. If you are searching for inspiration for your summer wedding, these summer wedding cake ideas should stretch the imagination.

Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor romantic affair, summer weddings take advantage of rustic garden themes. Rustic summer wedding cake ideas include earthy themes with color, flowers, fruit and torn edges for texture. Semi-nude to naked wedding cakes can provide that rustic feel. Let the layers of the cake show through the icing. Add texture to the design by marbling your summer colors within the icing. Scattering or staggering an array of flowers will bring your favorite season to the design. One of the best rustic summer wedding cake ideas is a wood slice cake platter.

Wedding Cake Ideas
Bake a Wish: "Buttercream Torn Edge Textured." Instagram @bakeawishcakesandsweets

Colorful Wedding Cake Ideas

Summer is a colorful season and so are these summer wedding cake ideas. Summer adds a palette of nautical blue, fuchsia, pink, white, yellow and complimenting hues and accents. Do not be afraid to ice your cake with summer colors or add color to your design with flowers and marbling. Roses and hydrangeas are elegant summer blooms that compliment these summer wedding cake ideas. Add a single flower to stand alone or scatter your design throughout.

Elegant Wedding Cake Ideas

Summer can be all about the garden and outdoors, but an elegant cake can be all about summer. If you want to bring elegance to the design, you will love these elegant summer wedding cake ideas. Creating the classic elegant look calls for a fully iced cake or one that is perfectly wrapped in fondant, preferably white with minimal and intricate design. Wrapping the cake with a gold belt provides that signature look of elegance. Marbling fondant with minimal design can create the same elegant effect in a unique way. Roses are safe summer wedding cake ideas. Add a stand alone rose or a cascading cluster to keep it elegant while feeling like summer.

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake masters the art of creating fairy tale weddings for every season and every theme in an elegant ballroom. The creative in-house design team works closely with couples to coordinate colors, arrange table décor, and decorate the entire wedding venue from ceremony space to reception hall. The possibilities for design are as endless as your imagination.


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