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Summer Wedding Colors

Summer Wedding Colors

It takes a little thought to choose the right summer wedding colors and to bring the dream wedding to life. It involves a pinch of inspiration, some imagination and a little color theory. If you want to create an unforgettable wedding day, consider how color will affect your guests’ perception of the experience you are creating. Let’s explore some summer wedding colors to help you choose a palette that creates a fairy tale come true.

Things to Consider About Color

Color is an illusion that exists in the perception of each individual, making it a very different experience for everyone. Color can be relaxing or overly stimulating and exhausting. Depending on which end of the spectrum a color finds its home, it can be warm or cool with an entirely different experience to explore. Warm colors are the bright end of the color wheel with reds and oranges. They can be exhilarating and stimulating. Keep in mind that too much can be overwhelming. Cool colors are on the more relaxing side with blues and greens. There are multiple hues of every favorite color that can create a different effect.

The Summer Wedding Colors We See

While the average person can perceive over a million different colors, research suggests that some women are capable of seeing a hundred times more. Men usually have more challenges with differentiating between hues. Color perception involves ocular cells, known as cones, which allow a person to perceive about 100 different shades of color. There are three types cones for detecting blues, greens, reds and 100 gradients. The science behind the idea that some women might see more colors rests on the fact that the genes for green and red cones exist on the X chromosome, and only women have two X chromosomes, thus creating opportunity for one type of red cone on one chromosome and another type on the other. Women could possibly have distinct green cones on either X chromosome. It is fair to say that women have superior color vision. However, not all women have the same superior color vision. Not only will each person see your summer wedding colors differently, but they will also experience them differently.

The Way We Experience Summer Wedding Colors

Culture and experiences do not necessarily change the way we see color, but can change the way we feel about color. Color can have different associations and different meanings. Red is associated with love and passion. Pink is a soft color that commonly represents femininity, innocence and love. Some Asian cultures view white as a funeral color. Blue is relaxing and reminds us of water. Green is earthy and tranquil. Certain colors can spike blood pressure, if they are overpowering and we are exposed to them for a significant amount of time. Think about the experience you want to create with your summer wedding colors, and let’s start exploring how to pick them.

Summer Wedding Colors

A Triadic Color Combination

Usually, a wedding has three colors, a primary color and two complimentary colors. Colors make sense when they exist in the right combination and distance from each other on the color wheel. A triadic color combination is created with the shape of a triangle on the color wheel. Each point rests upon a color that is equidistant to the other, forming the shape of a triangle. This type of color combination creates a sense of harmony.

Square Color Harmony

Sometimes a couple chooses more than three wedding colors. A Square color harmony uses a combination of four colors, which is created with the shape of a square on the color wheel. It is not recommended to have multiple color combinations on your wedding day, unless you are creating a rainbow or Candy Land theme.

Summer Wedding Colors

Green and Your Summer Wedding Colors

Summer, much like spring, is a season known for beautiful blooms. It is warm, and everything is vibrant and flourishing. Green exists in nature as a predominate accent color, which is probably why it is used to accent summer wedding colors. Green is commonly associated with fertility and life. It is also a relaxing color that evokes a sense of tranquility. It is neutral, matching with almost every other color. Decorating your wedding arch and tables with eucalyptus garland is a way to incorporate green accents into your wedding.

Summer Wedding Colors

A Little Pink on the Wheel

Pink is one of the most popular summer wedding colors. Step inside of a summer garden, and you will find pink blooms everywhere, including those romantic cherry blossom trees. Peonies and camellia are all about pink. The color pink will create a relaxing space and harmony. It evokes a sense of calm and happiness, while creating the romantic space you hope to create with your summer wedding colors. Keep in mind that large amounts of brighter shades of pink, such as hot pink, might create an undesired mood. Hot pink works better as an accent, rather than a dominant color.

Summer Wedding Colors

A Little Yellow

Yellow is a popular accent for other summer wedding colors; however, in the right shade, you could pull off a yellow wedding. Yellow is associated with friendliness and happiness, making it a popular choice. Yellow is the brightest and lightest color of the spectrum that is visible to the human eye. While this happy color is clean, energizing and can wake up creativity, it can also induce anxiety in the wrong shade.

Purple on the Wheel

Purple and all of its beautiful shades have different associations. It is not warm, nor cool, but a mix of both. It finds itself somewhere between red and blue, and in the midst of associations with romance, nature and royalty. This tranquil color is associated with luxury and evokes creativity. Clusters of crocus and lilac make beautiful summer bouquets.

Summer Wedding Colors

Summer Wedding Colors and Flowers

If you ever question your summer wedding colors, just explore a summer garden. Season is the easiest way to choose a color palette. Consider filling your wedding venue with calla lilies, peonies, roses and hydrangeas. Add lavender, coral and lots of fuchsia to the space. Amaranthus are those droopy and versatile flowers that complement bouquets and décor. Tulips, sweet pea, ranunculus, English garden roses and peonies are perfect for adding summer wedding colors to your tables.

Summer Wedding Colors

Summer Wedding Colors at Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake is an elegant wedding venue that is uniquely designed with all of your favorite summer wedding colors. Bring imagination to the professional in-house designers and create a summer fairy tale. Contact Crystal Ballroom on the Lake to schedule your VIP tour and begin planning.


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