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The Wedding Dress Code

Wedding Dress Code

The wedding dress code can be a little complicated. Knowing whether to write white tie, black tie or cocktail on the invitation is not always clear. Let’s define the wedding dress code for your perfect celebration.

White Tie Wedding

When we think formal, we usually imagine a black tie affair; however, a white tie event is the most formal dress code. Imagine a Cinderella fairy tale where men wear a tailcoat, white shirt, white vest, bow tie, black formal shoes and white gloves, and women wear a ball gown to the floor.

Wedding Dress Code

Black Tie Wedding Dress Code

The black tie is the most common dress code for a formal event. This simply indicates an evening wedding. Men wear a tuxedo with a cummerbund, black tie, bow tie, and patent leather shoes. Women wear a floor-length evening gown. If you desire a white or black tie wedding, you should define the terms to avoid confusion.

Formal Wedding Dress Code

A formal wedding is slightly less formal than black tie. Sometimes you can state that a black tie is optional on the invitation. A tuxedo is not required, but could also be appropriate. Men should wear a dark suit with a white shirt. Women should wear a floor-length evening gown.

Wedding Dress Code

Semi-Formal or Cocktail

If you do not include the dress code in the invitation, a semi-formal or cocktail dress code is implied. Somewhere between formal and casual, men wear a dark suit and tie, while women wear a cocktail-length dress.

Casual Wedding Dress Code

Casual does not mean jeans and a half-shirt. If you intend on having a casual affair, you might need to define the term in print. Men could wear dress pants and a button-down shirt. Women could wear a sundress, pants or skirt and a dressy blouse.

Dressing Your Wedding Party

Your wedding party should always be dressed better than the guests. Keep your dress code requests in mind, and plan to dress your wedding party accordingly. If you are considering a white tie or black, your bridesmaids should wear formal gowns, and your groomsmen should wear a tux and suspenders. In contrast, if you are planning a casual afternoon wedding in a garden, it would be appropriate to dress your wedding party in semi-formal or cocktail attire.

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