Candy Land Baby Shower Theme

A Candy Land baby shower theme is a delicious way to decorate for a sweet arrival. When the stork is overhead, it is time to start planning a baby shower, and planning begins with a theme. The news of a sweet bundle of joy excites a little sweet tooth and this fun theme. This simple guide to planning a Candy Land baby shower theme is a sure way to sweeten things up.

The first step to planning any baby shower is to choose a venue to accommodate your guests. If 100 guests made the list, then a room with seating for 100 is a must. However, do not select a venue based solely on the size of the room. When touring a venue, consider your Candy Land baby shower theme, the geographic location of the venue, and whether the venue is accommodating beyond the room.

When planning a Candy Land baby shower theme, it is important to find a venue that is all-inclusive and can provide vendor connections. Venues with all-inclusive packaging that include an in-house design team to create the theme, and provide all the tables, chairs, linens, fine china, centerpieces and all the décor makes putting a Candy Land baby shower theme together a simple process. Make sure your chosen venue has sufficient inventory of linens, table runners and chair sashes in a variety of colors and fabrics to create the unique setting and theme you envision. A venue with vendor connections is essential to pulling this sweet baby shower off.

Every Candy Land baby shower needs a candy bar. A venue with a candy bar will provide a sweet delight for all of your guests. Colorful wrapped candies and Candy Land baby shower theme decor will decorate a candy bar for the added touch. Check with your venue for pricing of this added feature.

A Candy Land baby shower theme is not complete without a Candy Land cake. Your venue should be able to facilitate the connection with trusted cake designers. You can search the internet and explore ideas for inspiration; however, your cake designer will likely have experience with this sweet theme. A Candy Land cake will usually involve over-sized lollipops and wrapped candies for extra sweetness.

Capture every angle of the Candy Land baby shower theme and the precious occasion forever with professional photography. Your venue should also be able to connect you with a professional photographer. Photography is more than just lights and lenses. Your venue should be able to connect you with trusted and skilled talent.

Catering for a Candy Land baby shower theme can be as creative as you dream. It is all about delicious food in a fun atmosphere, and the presentation of the plate. Choose a venue that offers table décor, linens, fine china, napkin rings, and charger plates to dress up the presentation of the entree with a Candy Land baby shower theme. Your venue should also have relationships with trusted catering companies to deliver fine dining that accommodates budget.

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake is an all-inclusive venue with an in-house design team and a treasure trove of décor to create the Candy Land baby shower theme of your dreams. Our vendor connections and day of event coordinator makes planning your celebration effortless. Celebrate motherhood and the coming of the bundle of joy in an elegant Crystal Ballroom event venue.

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