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Things to Know Before Booking a Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the most critical parts of wedding planning. Booking the wedding venue is actually one of the first steps to wedding planning, just after establishing your wedding budget, picking a date and estimating your guest count. Since the most sought after venues fill their calendar quickly, you should not hesitate to book the venue. However, before booking the venue, there are a few things to consider. These tips should help you book the perfect wedding venue.

Things to Consider

Choosing a venue is more than just picking a beautiful space. There are many things to consider when choosing a wedding venue. The wedding venue must meet certain criteria with capacity and space for certain events. If you will be having a live band and variety acts, you need space beyond seating your guests. Your wedding venue must fit within the parameters of the budget. The venue must have the right location for access, travel and lodging. It must have the ambiance and flair to meet your vision.

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Venue

Finding the Perfect Location

Finding the perfect location is easier said than done. While perfect is different for each individual, there are some basics to matching the venue to your expectations and needs. The location of your wedding venue is extremely important. The venue must be easily accessible and easy to locate on the map.

There are other things to consider. If you envision a wedding on the lake, you will want a venue located on the lake. If you want a wedding in the country, your venue will be in the country or have an outdoors space that can provide that tranquil element of nature. If you are considering a countryside affair, think about the transportation issues and whether the ceremony and reception will be held at the same location. It can work to your advantage to find a wedding venue that has that outdoors space and can accommodate a rustic theme, rather than holding a ceremony in the woods.

Wedding Venue on the Lake

Budgeting for the Wedding Venue

Your budget is essential to the entire wedding planning process. Your established budget will tell you how much you are able to spend on the wedding venue, flowers, catering, dress and all the other details. It is important to visit venues in person. A photograph can never compete with the actual experience. It is critical that you tour a wedding venue in person to get the feel of the space and determine what is included for the price. Bring along a list of things that are important for you to have on your wedding day. This is not a list of items, but a list of experiences. Determine whether the wedding venue can establish an all-inclusive package that can provide the experiences while saving you the most in the process.

The Calendar

Once you have found the perfect location, it is time to book the venue. What happens when the wedding venue does not have your date available? This is a common situation. You must look at the venue's calendar for available dates and determine whether you magical date is available. This is why it is important to book your venue very early in the wedding planning process. If the date is available, you will usually pay a small holding fee or deposit towards your event. This guarantees that you will not lose your date to another couple.

The calendar is not just about the date. If you are booking at a popular venue, your wedding will be among many in the same week or weekend. Your wedding could be in the daytime while another wedding could occur in the evening on the same day. This can be important for logistical reasons. Opening times, closing times, and how much time you will have to prepare inside of the venue prior to the start of your event are all important factors. If you desire an evening affair and a party that extends beyond midnight, you will need to know how much time is available. You might need to negotiate with the venue and book extra hours. Wedding venues usually have packages with extra hours.

The Perfect Wedding Venue Package

Wedding venues usually provide wedding packages. Some venues will offer nothing but the empty space. Other venues will provide furnishings, such as the tables and chairs, and include designs and décor. All-inclusive wedding venues usually include furnishings, designs, décor, chinaware, bartenders, banquet staff services, and the entire event on a silver platter. Choose a wedding venue that can provide the entire package. It will save you more in the wedding planning process. Many venues have preferred vendors that can help you build your entire wedding team at a lower cost. Open vendor polices can also be important. You might want to bring in an outside vendor.

Fully Designed Wedding Venue

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team that is dedicated to creating every element of your wedding day. Beyond making the picturesque venue and elegant designs affordable, Crystal Ballroom offers additional day of event coordinator services to make every wedding a happily ever after memory. The all-inclusive concept provides the venue and services bundled into one affordable price. Every wedding package includes all of the furnishings, décor, a bartender, banquet staff and an in-house design team to decorate the entire ceremony space and reception ballroom. Relationships with vendors provide access to professional services at reduced rates to save couples even more. Host your ceremony in the ballroom or on the elegant terrace that overhangs the lake. Contact Crystal Ballroom on the Lake to discover the perfect wedding venue.

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