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Wedding Planning Stress and Solutions

Wedding Planning

Just in case you never imagined wedding planning could be a stressful process, we are here to explain it can be, and provide some guidance to eliminate the stress. If you have already begun to realize the stress involved, you are not alone. Since the feeling of being overwhelmed is so common, we put together a few tips to eliminate the stress of wedding planning and help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Planning Can Be Hard

There is no way to hide the obvious fact that wedding planning can be challenging. There are checklists, timelines, and management of multiple events along the way. Acceptance is the first step to conquering any challenge. It is okay to accept that it is not always an easy process. This is why it is important to create a wedding party team from the beginning. This includes choosing those supportive people you want by your side on your wedding day. They will also be by your side to help you plan during the wedding planning process. The best planning hack is a wedding venue with all-inclusive packages, in-house planners and designers. The one stop shop concept eliminates most of the stress of wedding planning.

Wedding Planning

The Expense of Wedding Planning

Money can be a contributing factor to the stress of wedding planning. If you sit and add up the cost of catering, photography, entertainment, the cake, beverages, wedding attire, flowers, décor, staff services, the venue, the officiant and any additional wedding vendors, you will realize a wedding requires an investment. Not every budget is identical and not every couple plans their wedding the same. One bride might fill the venue with expensive live flowers while another might fill the venue with quality artificial flowers. If you dream of the luxurious event from a wedding planning magazine, there are tricks to having it without the sacrifice and stress on the budget. Again, the wedding planning hacks are found at an all-inclusive wedding venue where there is access to a list of preferred vendors that can help you plan with the best while saving the most.

It is Okay to Do Things Differently

Wedding planning does not take the same shape for everyone. Weddings come in different sizes and have very different rituals and customs. There is this idea of the traditional wedding that many couples get stuck upon. Does a bride have to wear white? What happens when a young bride walks down the aisle in a black dress? Sometimes our supporting party and family members can create opposition to our creative planning and ideas. It is important to know it is okay to do it differently. Most of the stress can be eliminated just by knowing this is your event and you get to plan it the way you want. Communication can be key in this situation, because your supporters might need to understand the boundary which exists between their opinion and becoming overly persuasive in an effort to change yours. The best way to eliminate this stressful part of wedding planning is to communicate early in the process.

Wedding Planning

Delegate Wedding Planning Responsibilities

Most of us hang onto the control of planning all the details. It is okay to delegate certain responsibilities to your wedding planning party. Create your plan and make all the important decisions about your wedding day, but give some smaller tasks to your friends and family. Your wedding party is there to help you run errands and complete small tasks. That is part of the job they signed up for when they agreed to be in the wedding party. Many couples get caught up in wedding planning and forget why they have a wedding party. Never forget their involvement in the process and delegate some wedding planning responsibilities to others. This will alleviate a lot of the stress involved with smaller tasks and give you room to focus on the much larger matters at hand.

Remember to Have Fun

Wedding planning can be stressful, but do not forget the fun. Enjoy the journey and the process. Make a list of everything you imagine your wedding day to be. Include ideas for the theme, cake, cocktails and the first dance. Write down your ideas in a wedding planning journal and get excited. Create your planning timeline and a to-do list that involves more than just tasks. Include outings with the wedding party and make many of the planning tasks a social event. Meet with your squad and delegate tasks to your team. If you are dress shopping, begin with a clubhouse meeting at a coffee shop and talk about your ideas for the dress before you arrive at the boutique. Get your supporters on board with your vision and make it fun. Enjoy the celebrations you create along the way.

Wedding Planning

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake

Crystal Ballroom on the Lake is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team that is dedicated to creating every element of your wedding day. Beyond making the picturesque venue and elegant designs affordable, Crystal Ballroom offers additional day of event coordinator services to make every wedding a happily ever after memory. The all-inclusive concept provides the venue and services bundled into one affordable price. Every wedding package includes all of the furnishings, décor, a bartender, banquet staff and an in-house design team to decorate the entire ceremony space and reception ballroom. Relationships with vendors provide access to professional services at reduced rates to save couples even more. Host your ceremony in the ballroom or on the elegant terrace that overhangs the lake. Contact Crystal Ballroom on the Lake and take the stress out of wedding planning.

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